Misty is our beautiful female that we kept out of Calvin and Annie...She is a beautiful silver/gray, with excellent conformation, and is very sweet..She has her fathers movement and her mothers personality so she would of made an excellent show dog but just matured to a little on the small size..She is in the standard height..

Misty is producing very nice puppies..We kept a puppy out of her and Ace Boonieland How Do You Like Me now (Emma) out of her 2017 litter. just became a new Champion in  June 10, 2018 and is  rank 2 Weim in 2018 

Misty is producing puppies who have her movement with very good conformation and still have the drive to make it in the field..You wouldn't go wrong to reserve one of Misty's puppies for your next show or field prospect ..We are breeding her to Ace in 2019 and this is combination produced some very nice puppies

Misty’s pedigree