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The following agreement is between ____________________________________________________________________ (breeder)

Hereafter referred to as BREEDER/SELLER, and__________________________________________________________

Hereafter referred to as “PURCHASER”

The breeder/seller reserves the right to refuse sale of our puppies to anyone 

The breeder/ seller has vaccinated said puppy as required for its age at time of this purchase agreement

The BREEDER/SELLER will supply up to date health record information, registration application, and a 4 generation pedigree to the PURCHASER at the time of transfer of said PUPPY.  BREEDER/SELLER guarantees the PUPPY to be sound in health and free of any contagious diseases at time of purchase and upon the PURCHASER receipt of this PUPPY.  BREEDER/SELLER guarantees PUPPY for 72 hours from the time when PURCHASER takes possessions of this PUPPY to be in good health.  The PURCHASER agrees that during this 72 hour time to have said PUPPY checked by a licensed veterinarian.  Should PURCHASER fail to have PUPPY checked by a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hour time this guarantee is void, If PUPPY was found to be in poor health, upon statement from a licensed veterinarian, PURCHASER will have two options.

1.  To keep said PUPPY and assuming all costs for its care

2.  Return said PUPPY at PURCHASERS expense for a full refund upon the BREEDER/SELLER’S receipt of the veterinarian written statement


BREEDER/SELLER guarantees said PUPPY up to 2 year (24 months) from the birth date of said PUPPY for SERIOUS genetic health defects listed below


The BREEDER/SELLER agrees to replace said PUPPY with a puppy of equal value within 12 months period ( This 12 month period gives the BREEDER/SELLER adequate time for a new litter to arrive) once they obtain a written and signed statement from TWO license veterinarians from TWO different vet clinics should puppy obtain the following GENETIC DEFECTS below

  1. Failure to receive a passing rating on the hips from Orthopedic Foundation for animals (OFA) or PENNSYLVANIA Hip Improvements Program  (PennHip)

2  PUPPY is suffering from one of the following:  Thyroid Disease, Epilepsy , heart disease

Any condition that is minor, correctable or a breed related minor condition is not covered.  Conditions which could go away, or are considered to be a condition which a puppy will likely grow out of is not covered. The conditions not covered include but are not limited to:  umbilical hernia, any disease the puppy has been vaccinated against or is native to the environment, cuts, injuries, any internal parasite, skin disorders such as mange or allergies, or any other minor condition.  Minor conditions are too numerous to completely cover in this document.  Any minor condition may be discussed with the breeder for consideration.  Hip dysplasia is covered for 2 years from date of birth.  Types of hip dysplasia not covered are nutritional and environmental dysplasia and elbow dysplasia since that can have many causes

They must discover Health genetic conditions due to genetic problems by 12 months of age from the date of birth of said PUPPY.  They must submit a written statement from 2 different licensed Veterinarians from 2 different vet clinics certifying that said PUPPY is suffering from above genetic conditions.

Should said PUPPY to be found to have one of the above Genetic Conditions PURCHASER may return said PUPPY to BREEDER/SELLER at the PURCHASER’S expense for a replacement puppy of equal value at BREEDERS/SELLERS discretion   

If said puppy has to be put down due to one of these genetic conditions once a written statement from a licensed veterinarian has been provided the BREEDER/SELLER will replace said PUPPY within 12 month period to replace said PUPPY of equal value at BREEDER/SELLER discretion.  At this time PURCHASER will return all Registration Papers of said PUPPY to BREEDER/SELLER

The BREEDER/SELLER makes no guarantees regarding the loss of said PUPPY for an accidental death, theft, sickness due to lack of vaccinations ect.  Any sickness not related to the genetics as stated above or any loss beyond BREEDER/SELLER control.  BREEDER/SELLER can not guarantee temperament of said PUPPY once PUPPY leaves the BREEDER/SELLER’S home, the seller has no control over the care, or environment, therefore any other warranties, whether express or implies will be considered

Seller does not assume responsibility for any other veterinary bills or other expenses incurred by the purchaser on behalf of the said PUPPY after the said PUPPY leaves the BREEDER/SELLER kennel


It is understood by all parties to this agreement that this PUPPY is being sold on A Limited AKC Registration, never to be used for breeding purposes, and to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. Limited registration restricts any placement in conformation shows or breeding.  It does allow any and all placements into hunt and field tests, earth dog, tracking, agility, companion dog etc.The health guarantee does not guarantee against belly button hernia, cryptorchidism, and dew claw re-growth or under or over-bite with this type of registration. With this type of registration proof of spay or neuter does need to be provided from a certified veterinarian.

The Buyer agrees to maintain preventative care of the puppy in regards to hip dysplasia, such as proper nutrition, proper exercise, and preventing stress injuries (i.e. not allowing the puppy to jump from heights taller than itself at the shoulder, no forced exercise such as running, until at least 12 months of age.)  The buyer further understands that this puppy is not being sold with a guarantee against Canine Hip Dysplasia, as that condition can be caused by environmental situations that are not within the control of the seller once buyer assumes possession. 

The said PUPPY has been started on NUTRI SOURCE LARGE BREED PUPPY FOOD  with grain and this food is the food we recommend you to feed or another PREMIUM puppy food  with grain for the first 18 months of the puppy’s life. Not providing the PUPPY the right nutrition for the first 18 months could cause your puppy to develop compromise joint health, immune system conditions, and bone problems...We do not recommend  feeding a grain free puppy food ..Studies has proven that feeding a grain free dog food is causing heart disease is in young dogs so we do not recommend feeding a no grain diet a dog needs grain..if puppy is not fed a premium puppy food the first 18 ..months of life this contract will be null and void ..If your puppy/dog would come down with heart disease and you are feeding a no grain diet  this contract is null and void

The said PUPPY has been on a daily supplement of NuVet Plus and is required  as part of PUPPY'S HEALTH GUARANTEE to be given daily for the first 2 years of PUPPY'S life. If failure to do so this contract will be null and void. 

The said PUPPY has been MICRO-CHIPPED  and will be AKC registered...We will register your puppy's chip and do his AKC papers at the same please add another $45.00 to your purchase..also select a registered name for your puppy.. ...BOONIELAND will be first on your puppy's name and what ever you choose next...You have 25 spaces for a name and anything over it is another $10.00 ..If you choose to have a co-owner for your puppy that is also $10.00 more..We decided to register our puppy's for the new owner because we had bought over 100 chips and found out that out of the 100 chips only 42 were registered..What good is a microchip if it is not registered..If your dog gets lost.. even though he or she has a chip they will have no way to track the chip to you.

Puppy has had his/her first vaccinations and buyer is aware the puppy should only receive one vaccination at a time and 4 weeks apart..We are over vaccinating our pets and research has found that parvo and distemper shots are lasting 7 to 9 years and vaccinating our pets yearly are doing more harm than good..In the event that your puppy gets sick or dies from being over vaccinated your contract will be null and void 

If at any time BUYER can not keep this PUPPY it is to be returned to breeder  and we will find a good replacement home for this puppy...

This sales contract is non-transferable If PURCHASER relinquishes the ownership of said PUPPY this contract shall be deemed null and void

BREEDER/SELLER reserves the right that in the event BREEDER/SELLER should discontinue breeding WEIMARANERS this contact will become null and void.

Medical records have been provided to me and I understand all of these terms for the sale of the puppy. By signing below, I agree to these terms and conditions. I also understand that this document shall be enforceable in any court of law and any and all legal ramifications will take place in the state of Wisconsin.